Top Three Softwares for Rental Property Profits

madison 09/22/2020

Technology and innovation have always played an important role in the way rental property managers carry out their daily business activities. From better communication to improving services, the vacation rental industry relies on technological tools to stay rental ready. Although we are starting to see some worldwide signs of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on the vacation rental business will stay with us for a while. Property management companies all over the world agree that now, more than ever, technology is essential to keep up with the expectations of both guests and investors. Our top picks include Guesty, NoiseAware and Breezeway. 

Overall management with Guesty

Guesty provides property managers with tools to simplify the process of managing multiple rental properties. This platform allows managers to have all their business needs in one place, coordinate teamwork, on top of making direct property management easier, Guesty also helps to grow your business by improving on existing services such as easier ways to check-in/out. With Guesty, property managers have analytics, branded booking website, ability to include extended stay reservations, and more – all in one place.

Return on Rental with NoiseAware

In the vacation rental industry, troublesome guests are one of the things that keep property managers and investors awake at night. Unauthorized parties are the cause of 30%+ of all rental property damage. Luckily, NoiseAware’s noise monitoring solution is making the prevention of property damage easier than ever. With its simple set-up, real-time alert system, and customizable options that suit your needs, NoiseAware technology minimizes risk and maximizes return on rental. Check out this short NoiseAware video to learn more. 

Keep your business operations on track with Breezeway

Property managers trying to grow their business often find themselves overwhelmed with lots of tasks they need to keep track of. However, thanks to tools like Breezeway, old school spreadsheets and checklists are going the way of the dodo. It is easy to use and has many customizable options. Breezeway improves the way property managers coordinate, communicate, and verify, keeping guests happy and business professional.

Whether you recently entered the vacation rental business, or are already a veteran, these three tools keep you on track to stay rental ready 365 days a year. Check out other Top Software for Rental Readiness in the chart below.