Product Features

NoiseAware CrowdControl occupancy detection for short term vacation rentals

Do-It-All Dashboard

Access your custom dashboard at any time, on any device. Get real-time information, historical data and instant alerts, so you can solve noise and occupancy problems from anywhere (and defend against false noise complaints if needed).

Indoor + Outdoor Sensor

A discreet indoor sensor with no flashing lights, no alarms and no batteries required. A weatherproof outdoor sensor that can withstand the elements (including rain, snow, pool splash and the occasional beer spray). Get set up and safe in just 5 minutes.

100% Privacy-Safe Noise Monitoring

NoiseAware monitors volume levels, not dialogue or specific sounds, making it the only smart noise device that is 100% privacy-safe. Set your own quiet hours, get notified when noise is too loud, protect your neighbors and your properties. Learn more.

AutoResolve Guest Messaging

Available on accounts with 10 or more properties, our AutoResolve guest messaging feature solves 90% of noise problems in under 30 minutes, most of those with just one text. No added labor costs, no upset neighbors, no late-night property visits–no problem. Learn more.

CrowdControl Occupancy Monitoring

Find out when occupancy is on the rise at your property. Get dynamic occupancy data alongside noise data. Prevent occupancy violations and comply with Airbnb’s worldwide party ban. Our optional CrowdControl feature lets you do it all, all in one dashboard. Learn more.