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NoiseAware Offers Peace-of-Mind to Short-Term Rental Owners This Holiday Season

DALLAS, Dec. 17, 2020 — NoiseAware, the leader in modern noise monitoring, advises short-term rental owners to be prepared for potential large gatherings in their properties for holiday celebrations.

Quarantine fatigue has brought upon more large gatherings in short-term rentals. NoiseAware observed a near doubling of noise events in the summer of 2020 versus 2019, many surrounding holiday gatherings. This year, the company finds that 1/11 rental reservations have produced enough noise to be a disturbance to neighbors and communities.

Short-term rental gatherings are forecasted to be commonplace for Christmas as they were for Thanksgiving, but the more concerning event will be New Year’s Eve.

“Traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations will be limited this year due to the capacity restrictions and closure of many bars, clubs, and restaurants,” said Andrew Schulz, NoiseAware CEO. “However, as seen with other holiday gatherings in 2020, many celebrations will be held in private homes and short-term rental properties and early detection is key to preventing a potential disturbance and protecting the character of the community.”

Fortunately, most noise-related disturbances are short-lived. According to data from NoiseAware users, the average disturbance lasts 24 minutes with intervention from the property owner, and the vast majority (75%) of NoiseAware customers mitigate disturbances in less than 15 minutes.

“Most of our noise notifications are seemingly harmless jubilance on the first night of vacation, but we feel secure knowing our NoiseAware devices will help us mitigate any disturbances that may arise in our properties,” said Andreas King-Geovanis, Managing Partner at Sextant Stays. “With NoiseAware, we are now equipped to be considerate neighbors and ensure that our rental properties do not disturb the community.”

NoiseAware wireless sensors monitor decibel levels inside short-term rentals with the privacy of the guest of the utmost importance. The device will send notifications to the property owner or manager if levels of increased and sustained noise-causing events occur. Ninety-five percent of disturbances are resolved remotely with communication between the property owner or manager and guest.

NoiseAware sensors are available to purchase at The company recently announced a partnership for exclusive pricing for Vrbo® property owners and managers.

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