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How to Market Your Rental for Spring and Summer Vacations

Spring and summer prompt people to get out of the house and explore the world after being cooped up all winter. These families, couples and individuals will need a place to stay that best suits their needs. Vacation rental owners should make the most of these opportunities and market their properties accordingly.

There’s more involved than just listing a property and hoping for the best. The goal is to secure bookings throughout the next few months. Here’s how to make a vacation home much more attractive and likely to be a busy spring and summer place.

1. Publish In-Season Photos

Photos usually serve as the primary avenue for making a first impression regarding online listings. Pictures for a spring and summer vacation rental should reflect the season. Fall foliage and winter snow are a no-go.

Capture the blooms and sun that encapsulate the two seasons by ensuring the rental is full of color. Think bright yellows and oranges or vibrant pinks and purples in the decor. Plants and flowers can also add a nice touch of greenery.

2. Write Creative Descriptions

After prospective guests look at the photos, they’ll seek accompanying descriptions of the space. Be sure to include accurate details so visitors know what to expect. Use seasonal and realistic narration to make the listing more attractive.

For example, let guests know the property is an excellent spring and summer escape. Describe a beautiful garden that kids can explore during their stay. Note how the rental has a gorgeous sunroom where couples can take cute pictures together.

Utilize Google Keyword Planner to know which phrases to include in captions and descriptions. Terms like “spring break camping” or “spring break ski trip” get a higher search volume this season. It’s worth adding a bit of SEO.

3. Get on Social Media

Most vacationers will likely be on social media to scroll through potential vacation spots. Landlords should consider marketing on different platforms. Instagram and Facebook are the best networks to tap into. Aside from a broad reach, they are easy for property owners to navigate.

Create a profile and have several goals, such as:

  • Stay active: Was the last post from several months ago? A lack of activity can discourage guests from booking. Showcase a property rental’s availability by posting before spring and summer break.
  • Humanize the owner: Some prospects prefer a human connection when seeking a space to rent for the season. Establishing a profile on social media can make a host seem much more relatable and friendly.
  • Provide extra media: Platform listings and websites already have photos and videos of a property rental. However, guests may still want walkthroughs or pictures of the place. Publish those details for followers.
  • Interact with prospects: Some visitors may have questions before booking. They may want to clarify the exact location or the number of people allowed to stay there. Interact with them through comments and messages.
  • Plan advertisements: Set up paid social media campaigns. Ads can promote the property rental’s posts to more people. There are even metrics for owners who want to track the total number of individuals reached.

4. List Nearby Tourist Spots

Spring and summer vacations are the time for exploring. Let guests know about nearby tourist spots they can visit. Name parks they can visit for a picnic or a beach where families can spend a day building sandcastles.

Naming these areas provides several benefits. It improves the searchability of a property rental and entices prospects to book their stay. It also positions a space as a well-located spot where interesting sites are within walking or driving distance.

5. Talk About the Community

Rental property owners can also uplift their communities as they promote a home. For example, maybe there’s a theater where people can view live performances. Give them a heads-up of local restaurants guests can’t find elsewhere.

While it’s great to keep things picturesque, property owners are also advised to provide guidelines for the guests’ stay. Certain communities cannot handle noisy parties and littering from strangers. It also stains the name of the person who owns the rental.

6. Offer Extra Services

Many rentals will be marketing their spaces as spring and summer vacation spots. Add extra services like tourist guides or chauffeurs. These additions can incentivize guests to switch bookings.

Property owners can provide coupons to certain tourist attractions and sites, such as a nearby restaurant. Delivering them to guests as they check in takes minimal effort, but the thoughtfulness and memories will make an impression.

7. Highlight Seasonal Amenities

Spring can provide beautiful weather, but summer can be hot in certain states. Highlight the amenities guests can enjoy during their vacation. For instance, an air conditioner unit is undoubtedly a nonnegotiable.

Many guests will also want a pool. It should be photographed and well-maintained, and the filter should run for eight hours daily. Clear it of algae or pests to make it as appealing as possible.

8. Build an Email Marketing List

Once people place a booking, give them a warm welcome. Ask them if they want to join the property’s email marketing list. Keeping in contact with previous clients is essential for repeat business. Throw in different incentives, like a discount for a second night when they subscribe to newsletters.

9. Request Reviews

Ask guests for a review as they complete their stay. About 93% of Americans read customer reviews before purchasing a product or service. Getting positive word-of-mouth can make a difference in acquiring new customers. Learn from negative experiences and address reviewers with courtesy and respect.

Get Spring and Summer Bookings

Put time and effort into a property rental to garner bookings for spring and summer. If all goes well, the vacation rental will have guests staying every night and they’ll come back next season for another stay.

Article is a guest post written by Evelyn Long

Evelyn is a real estate writer passionate about helping property managers get the most out of their rental properties. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Renovated Magazine, where she provides real estate tips for homeowners and renters alike. Subscribe to for more posts by Evelyn.