Find Out When A Crowd Is Gathering At Your Property

You know that NoiseAware resolves guest noise issues. But did you know that we can now detect elevated occupancy, too? With our new CrowdControl feature, we alert you when occupancy levels are on the rise. Combined with our privacy-safe noise detection and AutoResolve guest messaging, we give you the tools you need to protect your property, guests and neighborhood. 

Get Insight Into Elevated Occupancy

CrowdControl detects the number of wireless signals on your property. This information creates a profile of your property’s unique occupancy fluctuations. It gets smarter over time by learning your property’s typical occupancy levels.
CrowdControl doesn’t count an exact number of guests at your property. Instead, it lets you know when your rental is likely vacant, occupied at a typical level, or over occupied. CrowdControl is currently available for single-family homes only.

No Additional Sensors, Hardware or Downloads.

Current-version NoiseAware sensors are automatically equipped with our CrowdControl feature.   No need for additional hardware or software to download.  CrowdControl occupancy data is already visible in your dashboard just below your noise graph.

More Information =
More Confidence

With all-in-one occupancy detection and noise monitoring, you get complete coverage for your property.  Coverage that’s completely privacy safe for guests.  Understand exactly what is happening in your properties during the in-stay.  With noise and occupancy working together, you can RestEasy.

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1 - 9 Properties

Monitor in-home with real-time alert notifications.
$ 15 Per Month Billed at $180/yr
  • WiFi connected sensor
  • Alert notifications and custom quiet hours
  • Guest overnight monitoring and messaging services
  • Mobile app for instant awareness
  • 100% privacy-safe

10+ Properties

Customized solution for your entire portfolio with 24/7 service and support.
Custom Pricing
  • All features of 1 - 9 Package, plus...
  • Customized portfolio configuration
  • Onboarding, training, and designated support
  • Professional installation available
  • Custom integrations