Our mission is peace of mind.

It’s true that NoiseAware was created in the wake of one party that went too far. Which meant in the beginning, our goal was simple: prevent incidents at rental properties with noise monitoring technology. And that was a great start. Our smart sensors speak for themselves in how effective they are at preventing costly damage without sacrificing the privacy of guests.

But over time, that product grew into a service with a mission. We listened to our customers’ stories. We visited real customers’ properties. We showed up at city council meetings, met real people, and poured what we learned right back into our service. Eventually it became clear to us that the core of who we are isn’t just our product, but the care we have for our customers.

Today, we’re setting our sights even higher. We recognize that now more than ever how important it is to be a good neighbor, not just in our own communities but in the world at large. For us, that means being tirelessly considerate, attentive, and compassionate towards our customers and providing tools that make it easier for everyone to be a good neighbor.

Meet the team

Andrew Schulz, CEO and Co-Founder

Favorite vacation place? “Akumal, Mexico.”

Christine Myer, Chief of Staff

Where do you rest easy? “A cup of coffee in the morning in silence.”

Peter Taylor, COO

Favorite vacation place? “South of France.”

Cary Yocum, VP of Global Sales & Customer Experience

What’s your favorite sound or thing you love to listen to? “Really well played jazz piano.”

Jake Umbrage, Head of Engineering

Where do you rest easy? “I rest easy anywhere I am as long as my dogs are with me.”

Garrett Dobbs, Head of Product

What’s your favorite vacation destination? "Camping - tents and secluded spots away from the world.”

Madison Perry, Director of Marketing

What's your favorite sound or thing you love to listen to? “Lady Gaga.”

Robert Camarillo, Director of Customer Experience

Favorite vacation place? “Mountains in the summer, beach in the winter.”

Patrick Arata, Director of Customer Operations

Favorite vacation place? “Lake Tahoe.”

Michael Goldin, Director of Business Development

What’s your favorite sound or thing you love to listen to? “Coffee shop music.”