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How the Airbnb Policy Update on Indoor Cameras and Other Devices Impacts You

Airbnb bans the use of indoor cameras while still allowing privacy-safe noise monitoring devices like NoiseAware. 

Airbnb made a recent announcement with an update to their policy on security cameras but also included their requirements on noise monitoring devices. 

In this article we’re going to share with you: 

  • A summary of the new policy updates and their impact to hosts
  • How it impacts your use of NoiseAware and ‘noise decibel monitors’ 
  • How you can stay compliant with Airbnb’s new policy 

Quick Summary of the Airbnb Policy Updates

These new rules take effect on April 30th, 2024

  • Indoor cameras are NOT permitted.
  • Outdoor cameras are allowed for us but hosts are required to disclose the presence and location of outdoor cameras. They are not permitted in certain outdoor areas where there’s a greater expectation of privacy for the guest.
  • Noise decibel monitors are allowed but hosts must disclose it in their listing, place them only in common spaces and ensure that the device only tracks decibel levels and does not record or transmit sounds. You do not have disclose their location.

The policy specifically states that they are “banning the use of indoor security cameras in listings globally” and that this effort is to prioritize privacy. 

Both we and all short-term rental operators agree that cameras indoors are a violation of guests’ privacy. It’s something the industry stands behind. And we’re excited to see that it will continue to be prohibited and enforced by Airbnb. 

We take privacy very seriously here at NoiseAware. We are NOT indoor camera devices, we are simply just noise decibel monitors. 

And the good news is that noise monitoring devices, like NoiseAware, are authorized and encouraged. Airbnb specifically calls out in the policy that:

“Devices like doorbell cameras and noise decibel monitors continue to be permitted on Airbnb and can be an effective, privacy-protective way for Hosts to monitor security for their home and get ahead of issues like unauthorized parties.”

Airbnb Policy Statement

Is NoiseAware permitted under Airbnb’s new policy updates? 


NoiseAware is a privacy-safe device and was purpose-built from our start in 2015 to be a noise level monitoring device. We put privacy at the forefront of everything we do. We’re camera-free and we do not record any sounds or conversations. We only track decibel levels at the property. 

The policy specifically states that hosts and operators on Airbnb can only use noise decibel monitors that asses decibel levels and do not record or transmit sounds or conversations. Therefore, NoiseAware is an approved device for use.

Am I required to disclose the use of NoiseAware in my Airbnb listing?


Airbnb is asking that if you are using NoiseAware (or ‘noise decibel monitors’) that you are required to disclose it in your listing. 

We always recommend that as a NoiseAware customer, whether you are listed on Airbnb, VRBO, or any other OTA site, you disclose it in your listing. 

You can find exactly how to disclose it easily here on Airbnb’s Help Center and we’ve included a picture of those instructions below for you:

You do not have to disclose where the noise decibel monitors are located. 

We have from the start always urged our customers to disclose that they have noise level monitoring on the property. 

Disclosing it in your listing can help you: 

  1. Deter bad actors from booking your property for misuse 
  2. Be a guest-friendly host. When you do need to communicate with the guest because they’ve been too loud, they aren’t shocked to know you have these devices
  3. Stay compliant with Airbnb’s new policy and other policies 

Where is NoiseAware allowed in my property according to Airbnb’s new policy?

Airbnb calls out in the new policy that noise decibel monitors like NoiseAware are only allowed in common spaces of listings. 

We always recommend placing NoiseAware in living areas where guests will congregate. Same with outdoor use, you’ll want to have it where guests can congregate. Use your best judgment based on your space or contact our support team for help.

Be sure to check out our help article that has all the latest updates for VRBO and’s policies on cameras and noise monitoring devices and take the time to update all your listings. We also showcase some examples of additional copy you can add to your listing if you’d like, but in many cases is not required.


  • Airbnb’s new policy goes into effect on April 30th, 2024
  • To be compliant you simply need to utilize this help article to disclose that you use NoiseAware in your property
  • You are NOT allowed to have indoor cameras at the property
  • NoiseAware is an approved decibel monitor because it only detects decibel levels and does not record audio or sound. 
  • Be sure to keep your devices in common spaces within your listing
  • What’s not allowed? No use of indoor cameras and outdoor cameras can not be in locations that would be in violation of a guest’s privacy 

Our team is happy to help so please reach out to us if you have any questions!

If you are not already a NoiseAware customer and have been wanting to add more protection at your property while staying in line with Airbnb’s policy, we’d like to chat! Click to reach out to our team below:

This article provides helpful information on Airbnb’s updated policies. For full compliance requirements, please refer to the Airbnb policy linked here.