Top Staycation Locations

madison 03/18/2020

People around the world are feeling the effects of COVID-19, and many have begun practicing social distancing as well as quarantining. Isolation may seem simple, but after 72 hours of being trapped at home with family, many are beginning to look for an escape.

Short-term rentals offer the perfect vacation experience while allowing guests to practice social distancing. Many of the perfect staycation destinations are just a short drive outside of major metropolitan areas.


Sacramento – The capital of the Golden State is one with plenty to offer both inside and outside of the city. With plenty of cities perfect for staycations within driving distance, consider checking out the following markets

Kansas City – Go Chiefs! We know you love your city as much as Pat Mahomes loved winning the SuperBowl for you guys, but it’s time to take a break. We want you to be safe so you can protect the city you love so much. Here is where you can get away to close that is still close to the city:

Nashville – Thank you, Nashville, for all of our country music needs, but right now, everyone needs a nice quiet getaway. You can still live stream Keith Urban’s concerts because all of the staycations near Nashville have wifi! Or you can unplug from the world and enjoy the fresh air for a little before having to come back to reality! Here are a few listings that have caught our eye:

New York City – Ahh the Big Apple, what a city. The constant hustle and bustle are why people move here, but sometimes you need a break to get back in touch with nature. We know you have Central Park, but there is nothing like a good vacation. We picked some of these staycation options with you in mind:

Los Angeles – In L.A., everyone is a star, but don’t you want to get away from the limelight for a little? There are so many people around you that it would be good for you to get out of there. You have so many options around you to escape to, here are some ones that seem perfect for you:

Chicago – The windy city has so much to see and do, but the only problem is you can’t avoid crowds. Why not explore a city near Chicago that will allow you to unwind from the large groups of people constantly around you. These rentals are only a quick drive away to help lighten your mood.

Houston – Howdy Houstonians! You are so close to some top staycation destinations that are more than perfect in the times we are in right now. We know you weren’t able to get the spring break that you needed, but this destination will allow you not to miss out. These are the perfect home away from home:

Phoenix – We know how hot Phoenix can get in the summers, so why not take a trip right now? You can get the nice cold weather plus the beautiful views, instead of being confined to your home. Pack a bag and bring games for a stress-free staycation that your whole family will enjoy!

San Antonio – San Antonio is a fun and lively town in the southern part of Texas, but we think you need to take a trip even further down to the beaches for a relaxing vacation destination. The beaches are only a few hours away, and we are ready for them.

San Diego – What’s up San Diego! You can almost never have a bad time to this lovely city, but many have yet to venture out and explore the wonderful staycation destinations around San Diego? Below are two that we highly recommend.

Dallas – Dallas is one of the hot spots in Texas for travel. There are so many fun activities you can do with your friends, but why not get the true southern experience in the Hill Country of Texas or a little different twang in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Dallas is so close to the border of Oklahoma. You can easily hop over for a nice staycation.

Washington DC – Our nation’s capital, where all of the important decisions are made for our country. The District of Columbia is small enough to allow you to visit the surround states in just a few hour’s drive. There are so many options to take a breather and have a nice relaxing stay in any of the cities below.

Atlanta – ATL the capital of the peach tree state. Atlanta has nearly half a million people living in just one city; it might be time to take a vacation. There are numerous different places you can travel to for a quick staycation within driving distance, here are a few below.

Miami – Miami is known for its beaches and nightlife, but when the city has locked down the beaches and temporarily closed all of the restaurants, going to stay at local destinations isn’t a bad idea. There are a few cities close to Miami that are perfect for staycations.

Portland – Portland is known for its scene of hipsters and foodies that love to create unique dining experiences. Sometimes it is nice to explore all of the other beautiful cities Oregon has to offer, see below to get exploring.