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How Park Place Properties Uses Technology to Stay Rental-Ready

madison 08/07/2020

Post by Bryan Wong Lim, Director of Sales at Park Place Properties:

Park Place Properties is a property management company managing over 150+ units. As a fast-growing company, it isn’t easy, as we grow, we seek out innovative technologies to better assist us in delivering both reliable and accountable services in the short-term rental industry.

For many of our clients, real estate is their largest investment. One of the most important things we can do to help them maximize returns is to keep every property rental-ready. Searching for a technology solution to protect us from the problems associated with disturbances at the property, our number one nuisance, we discovered NoiseAware.

Just a few months ago, the NoiseAware app alerted us when the noise level surpassed the set decibel limit in one of our units. Our customer service team contacted the guest who explained they were hosting a small gathering and promised to turn down the music. Our team continued to monitor the sound levels, watching as they dropped to acceptable levels. This helped avoid a noise complaint to the property owner and kept our good relationship with building management.

Not all incidents are that easy, but with early alerts from NoiseAware we have been able to avoid any properties being damaged, saving both the hassle and expense of the repair and the loss of rental nights. Like you, we do not have the luxury of letting situations escalate, which is why we rely on NoiseAware to help us do what we love doing best – keeping properties in top shape and our clients and their guests enjoying the experience.

NoiseAware has become one of our key selling points to clients. Seems everyone appreciates technology that saves time and makes money and provides just a little more peace of mind.