A better way to protect your short term rental

Protection for your rentals.
Privacy for your guests.
And happy neighbors, too.


Our promise is your confidence. Know your guests, your rental, and your business are safe. That’s Property Assurance.

Monitor your property, not your guests.

Not all noise monitoring is the same. We monitor your properties, alerting you to decibel increases that signal potential problems, but our systems don’t listen or record guests. With over 1 million nights monitored, our refined algorithm is the most advanced in the industry.

Claim reduction

Our customers experience a 33% reduction in damage claims on average. With NoiseAware, you can keep your rates low (where they should be).

Welcome to the neighborgood

Avoid complaints in your community with NoiseAware. Stay in the know about local rules and regulations. Check out our resources page for more information.

Subscription based protection plans for apartments, condos and single family homes.


$99/ year

Indoor starter pack for $100 Indoor/outdoor starter pack for $200

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