A better way to protect your short term rental

Protection for your rentals.
Privacy for your guests.
And happy neighbors, too.

Easy to use

We’re committed to building you the smoothest experience possible. Quick setup. Virtually no maintenance. Durable.

Set-up and safe in 5 minutes

Whether you’re setting up your first monitor or adding your fifth, you can optimize your rentals in no time.

96.5% customer satisfaction.

Versatile and durable

With indoor sensors that are subtle and outdoor sensors that can withstand the elements, you’re covered in any situation, whether it’s rain, snow, or shine.

Set it and forget it

No batteries needed for our indoor sensors, so you can save time avoiding the burden of maintenance.

Subscription based protection plans for apartments, condos and single family homes.


$99/ year

Indoor starter pack for $100 Indoor/outdoor starter pack for $200

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