Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our Noise Monitoring Products

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our noise monitoring systems and products. If you’re not seeing the information you need below, please reach out to our helpdesk for more information. We are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! NoiseAware was built for property portfolios of all sizes. Our dashboard allows you to view an infinite number of properties at once, you to check in on properties while on the go with the NoiseAware mobile app.

If the noise level at a property exceeds your customized programmed levels, you will receive an alert and a link to the property’s Noise Risk Score graph. The graph takes noise and turns it into data so you can evaluate the property’s risk in real-time. You can then decide to message or call your guests. 80% of the time, guests quiet down within 15 minutes of being contacted!

There’s more to sound than just decibels! Advanced technology allows us to identify the this-could-be-a-problem-sounds. Your Noise Risk Score (NRS), built from our proprietary algorithm, goes beyond the sporadic and instantaneous measurement of a decibel, to bring you context and deeper insight. While remaining privacy safe, we monitor how loud it is at your property and for how long so you can act quickly and decisively to resolve things. Bottom line, you can rest easy knowing your NoiseAware sensor and software solution is the most sensitive available.

Yes. Just like you can have multiple properties, you can customize which people receive alerts via email and/or text by property.

Yes. Your NoiseAware Indoor Sensor transmits data to your dashboard.

Each sensor has a range of about 400 square feet.

Every property is different. We recommend having a sensor in each of your property’s Activity Zones – places people tend to congregate.

For condos, we typically recommend 1 Indoor Sensor.

For homes, we typically recommend 1 Indoor Sensor and 1 Outdoor Sensor.

For larger homes and estates, we typically recommend 2+ Indoor Sensors and 2+ Outdoor sensors.

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