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NoiseAware Reduces ALTIDO Properties’ House Parties By 80%

Edinburgh, Scotland

By implementing the 100% privacy-safe noise solution, the leading European STR management company also saw the average duration of noise events cut to 17 minutes, a 50% drop.

The Challenge

As one of the world’s premier property management companies, with more than 1,300 properties spread across five countries, ALTIDO’s priorities are twofold: 1.) ensuring that their guests have the best possible experience whilst staying at ALTIDO-managed properties, and 2.) giving their property owners peace of mind. For guests, home-like comfort and booking flexibility are paramount, especially now, with fluctuating COVID-19 restrictions in many of ALTIDO’s locations (e.g. Edinburgh and Portugal).

During the height of the pandemic, citywide 10 p.m. curfews in London and Edinburgh, and the closure of pubs, clubs and restaurants, led to a huge increase in house parties. This consequently led to noise complaints by neighbours of some of the properties in the city centre. To address the problems of noise complaints and potential property damage, and reassure owners that their properties were being protected, the ALTIDO operations team needed to find a proactive solution.

Anthony Lee, Head of Operations said, “Altido has a nine-step vetting process, but no way of vetting the guest during the stay. It’s inevitable that some people drink too much, play music too loud, or worse, try to throw a party. ALTIDO aims to be great neighbours and stewards of our community, and we have searched for the right technology to help us succeed in this mission.

Whilst researching a solution for managing the guest in-stay, the ALTIDO management team uncovered a new problem: the relationship with the local community. The ALTIDO team needed a way to offer protection and peaceful nights to the neighbours without sacrificing the privacy of their guests.

The Solution

With its extensive portfolio spread across the European continent, ALTIDO requires management technology that can be leveraged at scale. After reviewing noise-monitoring options, ALTIDO selected NoiseAware, which had just launched in the U.K. after five years as the leading privacy-safe noise solution in United States. Citing NoiseAware’s ease of installation, simplicity of use and responsive service, ALTIDO launched an initial rollout of the noise solution that would extend to 150 units across three countries.

“If you are looking for peace of mind, NoiseAware keeps you updated on what is happening in your properties 24/7. Now with NoiseAware, my colleagues and I have a service in place which gives us the tools to keep an eye on sound levels in the property to make sure there isn’t a party underway.”

-Anthony Lee, Head of Operations, ALTIDO

The Results

First, and most significantly, installing NoiseAware sensors reduced the number of party cases at ALTIDO properties by an extraordinary 80%.

Also: The average noise-event duration at ALTIDO properties dropped more than 50% with NoiseAware. By simply sending a text message to guests when noise exceeds the custom-set NoiseAware threshold, ALTIDO has cut the average duration of noise events at its properties to 17 minutes, which is 24% faster than the average NoiseAware client.

And, in a boon for company morale and productivity, ALTIDO’s employees say they’re happier and more relaxed now that they can monitor their properties from their phones or computers. Collaborating with NoiseAware has also allowed the ALTIDO team to ensure guests are obeying house rules. And, finally, NoiseAware has provided a key tool for improving relationships with local communities, by enabling ALTIDO to demonstrate its commitment to stopping parties and problem noise.

portugal coastal view vacation rental holiday homes
Coastal Landscape, Portugal

Strong Results Prompt NoiseAware Implementation Across Portfolio

ALTIDO says that based on the strong results of the initial NoiseAware rollout, it plans to implement NoiseAware in Italy next, and, eventually, “We aim to have it installed in every property we have,” Lee said.

The bottom line: “Having NoiseAware as a noise-monitoring solution has helped our staff sleep better at night knowing they won’t be waking up to angry neighbour calls or emails,” Lee added. “The NoiseAware system has also deterred false complaints from neighbours who don’t like short-term rentals, and has ultimately ensured that our properties aren’t damaged by parties.”

“Adding NoiseAware has helped accelerate ALTIDO’s mission to be the best property management company in Europe.”

-Will Parry, CEO & Co-Founder, ALTIDO