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NoiseAware Partners With GovOS To Promote Economic Growth While Protecting Communities

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NoiseAware is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with GovOS–the leading digital transformation platform for local governments. So what, exactly, is GovOS for STRs?

The GovOS STR Solution is a multifaceted platform that helps local governments figure out the impacts of short-term rentals on communities and economy. The STR Solution monitors compliance, registration and permitting, and tax collection, and offers a 24/7 complaint hotline. The idea? Improve government engagement with property owners, to make sure money flows, travel and tourism flourish, and everyone plays fairly and responsibly.

“It’s important that local governments underscore that they want to work together with short-term rentals,” said Kevin Lafeber, President, GovOS. “The first time a property owner receives a noise complaint, they’ll be offered a discount on a NoiseAware device, which has proven to be effective at ensuring compliance without violating renters’ rights. Having a NoiseAware solution in home has shown to reduce the likelihood of noise violations, so we want to do everything we can to get this technology in more short-term rental properties.”

Joining forces with GovOS is the latest step in our mission to protect and preserve the short-term-rental industry through responsible renting and sensible, balanced regulation. Through our partnership, local governments using the GovOS Short-Term Rental (STR) solution for community monitoring can offer property owners discounted rates on NoiseAware noise monitoring solutions. Who wins?

  • Local owner/hosts, who generate revenue through the sharing economy.
  • Property managers, who build successful businesses handling operations and marketing for busy vacation-rental owners.
  • Local businesses, which benefit from the dollars spent by short-term renters, whether traveling for leisure, business, or a bit of both.
  • Cities and counties, which collect occupancy taxes from vacation-rental bookings, and fees for vacation-rental permits.
  • Neighbors and communities, who can rest easy knowing that the vacation rental properties in their midst are curtailing noise and nuisances quickly and completely.

Visit GovOS to find out more, and learn if your city currently uses the GovOS STR Solution.