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Get A San Bernardino County Vacation-Rental Permit Fee Credit With NoiseAware

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Starting July 28, 2022, San Bernardino County vacation-rental permit holders will be asked to turn down the noise. Specifically, those applying for or renewing a vacation-rental permit in the Southern California county (which includes popular Joshua Tree, Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead destinations), are being asked to install outdoor noise-measurement sensors. And they’ll get $150 credit on their permit application when they do.

To make it easier for vacation-rental owners to comply with the new recommendation, San Bernardino County has partnered with NoiseAware, the only privacy-safe, indoor/outdoor noise solution for vacation rentals.

Like our La Quinta noise-mitigation program, the San Bernardino County permit fee credit program is part of NoiseAware’s broader mission to preserve the right of homeowners to operate responsible short-term rentals, while protecting the rights of neighbors to peace and quiet.

Here’s how the San Bernardino County vacation-rental permit fee credit works:

  • San Bernardino County vacation-rental owner purchases indoor and weatherproof outdoor noise sensors from NoiseAware, with one year of service, using code SBCNA50.
  • Homeowner receives 50% off total purchase.
  • Homeowner gets a credit for $150 on their San Bernardino County short-term residential rental permit fee.
  • Homeowners enjoy a discount on permit fees, and protection from noise-violation fines and Airbnb party ban penalties, plus a significant reduction in property damage claims associated with noise. 
  • Neighbors enjoy peace and quiet, plus the reassurance that the owner of the vacation rental next door truly cares about their well being and security.

Own a vacation rental in San Bernardino County, and interested in claiming your permit fee credit, and protecting your property and income? Click here.

Operate one or more vacation rentals in a city facing similar pushback, or a cap/moratorium proposals? Got questions about getting a similar program in your locale? We want to hear from you!

Natasha Garber covers short-term-rental industry trends, news, regulations and compliance for NoiseAware. Her posts on STR property management technology, privacy-safe noise monitoring, and licensing laws can be found weekly on the NoiseAware blog.