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Builder Nation Podcast Featuring NoiseAware Co-Founder Andrew Schulz

NoiseAware co-founder Andrew Schulz gets to speak often about the short-term-rental industry, and vacation-rental noise monitoring. But his Builder Nation appearance is a little different. In this episode of the popular engineering-focused podcast, Andrew chats with host Elisa Muñoz about how he went from 17-year-old electrical engineering prodigy to founder of the leading noise and over-occupancy solution for short-term-rentals. Andrew’s Builder Nation episode is a great listen for anyone interested in how a business pain point leads to an innovative technology. It also offers a peek behind the curtain, into NoiseAware’s early dealings with angel investors. And it’s got awesome insights into how the NoiseAware sensor actually works, plus what’s on the horizon for the company in 2023.

“Try to have your first customer before you spend too much time and effort on a product, make sure that you’re building it with your customers and you have their feedback through every stage of the process.”

Andrew Schulz, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, NoiseAware

About Builder Nation

Builder Nation is a community of engineering leaders developing world-changing products, sponsored by ControlHub, the purchasing software for hardware companies. Builder Nation’s mission is to bring together industry leaders to exchange behind-the-scenes experiences and build meaningful connections through expert resources and an ever-growing community.