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AutoResolve From NoiseAware Fixes Vacation Rental Noise Problems Automatically

NoiseAware’s revolutionary new service doesn’t just detect in-stay disturbances, it solves them, day or night, while property managers rest easy.

Noise: It’s the number one signal of potential property damage in short-term rentals. And it’s the number one cause of neighbor complaints, and harsh STR penalties and restrictions. One in 200 STR nights results in a major noise violation that can end up costing thousands of dollars. In the worst cases, it can result in loss of permit, and the end of rental income, forever. 

That’s why we’re so pleased to introduce AutoResolve From NoiseAware. Our new automated guest messaging feature was designed to protect against property damage and losses by dealing with one of the industry’s most difficult challenges: late-night noise. And it does exactly that, plus so much more.

Here’s how AutoResolve solves vacation rental noise problems:

Prior to the release of AutoResolve, property managers had to monitor notifications and intervene with guests when loud guest noise or parties occurred. With this pioneering new technology, a gentle but firm message is sent automatically to the guest when a late-night disturbance is detected by the NoiseAware algorithm, reminding them to turn down the volume. If NoiseAware detects continued noise, the guest receives a second, more urgent, message. 

AutoResolve works with our indoor sensors and with NoiseAware’s state-of-the-art, weatherproof outdoor sensors. So whether it’s a spontaneous karaoke bash, a poolside cannonball contest, or too-loud talking and raucous laughter during quiet hours, AutoResolve can fix it before it leads to complaints, damage or fines.

The best part:

AutoResolve solves a full 90% percent of vacation rental noise problems without management intervention or labor cost. In the rare case that guests don’t reduce their noise, AutoResolve reports the issue to the host or property manager so they can take action.

“Our NightAgent™ service has been the trusted nightly guardian for our customers for over two million reservations, and we now have enough data to make late-night noise resolution more automated and available to all PMs in the industry,” said Andrew Schulz, CEO of NoiseAware. “With AutoResolve’s 30-minutes-or-less resolution rate of 90%, we’re moving closer to the day that party-house headlines and unfair regulation are no longer a burden on the industry.”

Register now for one of our two upcoming webinars, Thursday, Oct. 7 or Tuesday, Oct. 12, both at 2 p.m. CDT, to learn more about AutoResolve from NoiseAware product visionaries Steve Garrity and Garrett Dobbs. We’ll show you how AutoResolve integrates with your current PMS or operations software, how AutoResolve works to solve vacation rental noise problems through automated guest messaging, and how to scale automatic noise resolution across your properties.

Click here to find out more out more about NoiseAware, and discover a scalable noise solution that fits your needs, portfolio and growth plans. When you do, you’ll be taking part in the Resolution Revolution, aimed at protecting your profits, your property, and our industry’s right to rent freely, without oppressive restrictions. Join us, won’t you?